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IMPORTANCE OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE CIVIL STATUS REGISTRATION (Ordinance No. 81 – 02 of 29 June 1981)   DEFINE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. A Birth certificate is that document in which information of a baby or an individual is registered in, from time of birth or any other time. The information includes name of the child, place and date of birth, name of parent(s) and their residence and occupation. (article 34 Civil Status Registration.) The birth certificate happens to be the first document that registers and identifies a citizen of a country. HOW DO I OBTAIN A BIRTH CERTIFICATE? The civil status provides that every birth shall registered or declared within the first 30days following a birth before a civil status registry. The civil status registry includes (Government delegate, mayor, municipal administrators as well as their assistants and head of diplomatic and consular mission of Cameroon abroad (Article 7 Civil Status Registration). Registration of birth certificate can take any of the two routes; Firstly, where the child is born in a hospital or other medical institutions. The doctor of the said institution has 15 days to declare every birth witnessed by that institution. In case where the doctors or head of the medical institutions fail to declare such births, the parents of the child have an additional 15 days to declare this birth, giving a total of 30days from the date of birth. (Article 31 (1)(2) Civil Status Registration) Secondly, if the parent(s) and doctors (medical institution) fail to declare the birth within the prescribed time above, will have to approach the competent state counsel (of where the child was born) who shall seize the court within 3 months of the birth.  (Article 32 Civil Status Registration). After three (3) month, from the birth of the child has been exhausted without any of the persons above declaring the birth for registration, the birth of the child can only be declared by the judgement of a competent court (the high court of his place of birth) (Article 33 Civil Status Registration) Where the father of the child is not known or not recognized, the space meant for the father’s name shall remain blank. In a later instance where the father wants to recognize the child, it shall only through a court decision with the express consent of the child’s mother. The court’s judgement shall be inscribed on the marginal notes of the birth certificate. IMPORTANCE OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
  • It is the best document that recognizes an individual as a national or citizen of a particular state/country.
  • It is best document for the recognition of heirs and beneficiary in an estate, especially in disputed estates.
  • It is required to establish National Identity Cards in Cameroon.
  • It is used to register and write government exams in Cameroon.
Author: Tamanchambi Elton Taniform, Esq. Associate partner.
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